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Watery eyes. Itchy throats. Headaches and nausea. They are the "occupational hazards" of almost everyone who works with diesel equipment. Worse yet, the fumes and noxious chemicals emitted from this machinery can lead to long-term health problems - causing increased sick time and employee turnover.

Your company can do more than improve the work of its employees. You can actually enhance productivity, protect workers and materials on the job site, while complying with today’s increasingly stringent anti-pollution legislation. 


Catalytic Converters                      

Designed as a direct replacement for conventional mufflers, the CMX system offers bus and truck owners and operators...


Industrial Engine Exhaust Systems      

       If You Have Outdated or Hard to Find Exhaust Systems.
We can Customize your machine...       


Marine Oily Water Separation           
and Marine Air Filtration Systems  
We are an  Official Supplier to the BC Ferry Corporation....

                                 .... More

  Air Pre Cleaner                                      For Industrial Engines     

Installing a Series 9000 Pre cleaner as the first stage of an air intake system prevents.....


Omni III Stand-Alone LPG Forklift Fuel Controller

Another innovative product from Technocarb Equipment Ltd


Rugged and reliable design........More

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